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Features and Facilities

For a system to qualify as a ‘quality solution’ it is not sufficient for it to just have the scope of the functionality required. For it to be a ‘quality solution’ it is essential that the ‘human interface’ is:

  • Elegant, i.e. simple and efficient.
  • Consistent, i.e. similar processes should be handled in an identical or logically similar manner.
  • There should be a high level of flexibility in the retrieval of wanted data.
  • Exception reporting and enquiry facilities should be widely available.
  • A user should be able to logically link from one request for information, to a logically related request, without having to ‘retreat’ to step one to do so.
  • There should be ready ‘interchangeability’ between printed and displayed output.
  • Information should be capable of being readily on-forwarded to third parties in industry standard formats.

MINDER excels in this regard. It is, however, a little like tying one’s shoes; it easier to do than explain in writing. We will be pleased to demonstrate the quality of the MINDER solution when we demonstrate the system.

However, we can advise that:

  • Reports can be displayed rather than printed, when required.
  • Enquiry screens can be ‘Screen-printed’ by the click of a single button.
  • Reports can be readily output in the Adobe PDF (defacto standard) format.
  • Reports can be readily emailed to recipients; in fact certain reports can be set-up to be automatically emailed.
  • Reports can be output to the popular Microsoft Excel spreadsheet facility.
  • Report and enquiry selections can be ‘memorised’ so that you can retrieve information more promptly and less effort.
  • Pre-set reports can be established so that you can, for example, get your standard weekly and monthly reports produced from one single request.
  • A ‘My Favourites’ facility is available in MINDER’s menu facility that enables you to readily select the MINDER functions that you use regularly.
    • Exception reporting/enquiring is at the heart of MINDER in that it has been developed around two ‘structures’

 1. A ‘Merchandising Structure’ along the lines of:

  • Company… subdivided into…
  • Groups (or Brands)… sub-divided into…
  • Departments (or Storys)… sub-divided into…
  • Classifications (or Categories)… sub-divided into…
  • Styles (or Items) that can be controlled by colour/size if required.

2. A ‘Trading Structure’ covering stores and zones/areas/states.


Virtually all MINDER reporting provides for exception reporting
on any of these elements of your business.