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MINDER-Mobile Facilities

MINDER-Mobile… Notebook-free ‘spontaneous access’ to your key information. 

MINDER-Mobile is the term used to identify a set of facilities that are optionally available to MINDER users who have a ‘3G’ or ‘Next-G’ compatible mobile phone.

MINDER-Mobile is a set of facilities to provide users with information from the MINDER system, via their mobile phone. The mobile phone displays a menu which enables you to request:

‘Live-store’ Information:

Product information & performance Information:

  • Initial & current sell price
  • Sales & returns
  • Current stock
  • Margin
  • On order

Supplier Performance:

  • Purchases & percentage sold
  • Sales & margin achieved
  • Stock-on-hand

Accounting Information:

Company summary:

Amount owing to Suppliers
Amount owing by account customers

Supplier information:

Amount owed
Last three payments; dates & amounts

Account customer information:

Amount owed
Last three payments; dates & amounts



Maybe… it’s a new store, maybe it’s a new manager, maybe it’s a new product range… regardless, from time to time management really wants to know how trade is going across all stores, or how a particular store is trading.

Maybe… it’s a particular product that has come up in discussion with a store manager or a supplier, and you really would like to be able to look specific details, and /or the merchandising performance of that product.

Maybe… it’s your financial situation with a particular supplier; how much you have spent with him, the last few times you have paid him, and how much when you paid.

Maybe…  it’s what an account customer owes you; how much, and the last few times he has paid you; how much and when.