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MINDER-Net provides Store-synchronization… As sales and stock transfers are recorded in each store the associated details are forwarded to each of the other stores. When the transactions are received at the other stores they are updated so that all stores have stock availability figures that are up-to-date at virtually all times. The advantage is that each store knows which store to call to get the Style/Item they need to make the sale. The benefits include:

  • Customers are pleased and impressed with your efficiency.
  • Your sales staff are happy and enthusiastic because they have the best tools available to do their job.
  • You are happy and impressed because:

Your staff made the sale efficiently… and therefore other customers did not walk out of the store because they were kept waiting too long.

Your business has ‘made the sale’ and you have enhanced your standing with your customer.

Your staff are happy and enthusiastic; they are enjoying a new level of success.