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Alerts & Snapshots

MINDER-Net provides you with the option of having Alerts and Snapshots sent to you.

Alerts provide you with notice that something has gone amiss with your scheduled processing.

The primary objective of this facility is to send emails and / or SMS messages ‘Conditional’ upon certain things happening (or not happening) during unattended overnight polling processing.

At this point of development the two ‘Events-of-interest’ that have been provided for are:

  • If one or more stores fail Phase-1 polling.
  • If one or more stores fail Phase-2 polling.

Alert notifications can be set-up to send an email, and/or to send an SMS message.

By its nature, the SMS approach can be described as being Pro-active, and, by contrast the email approach as being Passive. That is, if the email approach is used it relies on the (potential) recipient to turn the computer on, and check the email. By comparison, if the SMS approach is adopted, the recipient will receive the normal SMS arrival tone, and therefore be made aware of the Alert without having to take investigative action.

It will suit some MINDER users to have both facilities in operation so that they have the best of both worlds; they can be relaxed that they don’t have to be constantly checking their email for a notification (that they really don’t want to find anyway!), but, when they do receive an Alert SMS,  they can turn to the email message for more detail (a level of detail that it is not practical to include in the SMS message).

Snapshots  provide you with information concerning ‘Live store’ sales and/or banking figures, and can be sent to you, and other parties you see fit to nominate  during the trading day, at times nominate. As with Alerts, there are two ‘delivery systems’ available to you, i.e. Email and/or SMS.

MINDER-Net enables you to maintain tables that enable you to specify:

  • Who is to receive Alerts and/or Snapshots.
  • When they are to receive the information.
  • How they are to receive the information, i.e. via email and/or SMS.
  • The email and SMS addresses/numbers of the recipients.