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Auto-Overnight Reports Via Email

MINDER-Net provides for the automatic forwarding of one or more reports in PDF format, that are produced as part of MINDER’s overnight processing.

The reports produced by MINDER as part of the unattended overnight processing can be summarised into the following categories:

  • Audit trail reports.
  • Financial control reports.
  • Store/Sales management reports.

In today’s busy world it is not always possible for the personnel using this information, to be at the location where the reports are printed. This email redirection facility is designed to overcome this problem by enabling the MINDER user to have some, or all of these reports, automatically redirected to one, or a number, of email  addresses. In addition, you may, for example:

  • Elect to have the Daily Store Sales report sent to your home email  address on weekends. Or…
  • Elect to have the report sent to each of your Area Managers so that they have an up-to-date starting point each trading day.
  • The person responsible for the management of your polling procedures may elect to have the Polling Report sent to their home email address, to complement the SMS Alert that they may have elected to receive in the event of overnight processing not running to completion.