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Landmark Software are the developers of a wide range of accounting, distribution, and manufacturing systems. They have been in business for over twenty years, and the personnel who created the company still work within it on a day-to-day basis.

Landmark’s systems are in the mid-range to large scale category, they provide full multi-company, multi-user capabilities, and their technical division provides system tailoring services on an ‘as required’ basis by their clients.
Syscap elected to work with Landmark in meeting the needs of our clients for several reasons:

  • They are a quality software house with a long record of looking after their clients.
  • They are the developers of the software they provide, and therefore have full access to the source code for the systems.
  • Their systems have been developed in the same programming language as MINDER.

There is a high level of synergy between our organisations.
An implementation of a ‘MINDER merchandising system’ and a ‘Landmark Accounting system’ brings the best of both worlds in respect of the business needs of the retailer.

MINDER can be operationally implemented to the Landmark accounting system to bring about the automatic posting of sales, banking, etc. Also, if required, an Accounts Receivable interface is available that enables account sales and payments to be handled at the Point-of-Sale, including doing customer credit reference checks, etc. Also, if required, ‘Pass-For-Payment’ facilities can be used in MINDER that enables supplier invoices to be imported into the Landmark Software accounting system.


For more information please visit www.landmarksoftware.com.au