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Financials Overview

MINDER provides a wide set of ‘financials’ to facilitate the day-to-day functioning of your business. These facilities include the following:

  • POS Settlement Report
  • Financial Control Summary (NB)
  • GST  Control Summary (NB)
  • Banking Control Summary (NB)
  • Tender Control Summary
  • Voucher Accounting

These three reports are automatically prepared as part of the audit trail reporting arising from MINDER’s unattended overnight store polling and the associated processing, and they are printed by the pressing of one key, after the printer has been turned on.

Most users of the MINDER system examine these reports first thing to review the activity of each store (from a financial and general management perspective). If the totals reveal any abnormalities, e.g. higher than acceptable discount level, volume of Returns, over/under balancing variations, etc., then the manager is well placed to take instant investigative and/or remedial action.

These reports can be called for in the alternate format that displays a store to a page, with one line for each day of the month. This format provides the totals that most businesses require for posting into their financial systems. If desired, the option exists for this data to be exported in a format that can be directly imported by most of the widely used accounting systems. We normally set an option to hold data for 2 years, which allows reporting for the same period last year.