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Voucher Accounting

The MINDER Voucher Accounting option provides you with facilities to manage credit notes that you have issued for the return of stock; gift vouchers that your customers have purchased; and gift certificates that you may have issued to your customers.

What it is…
This option consists of an integrated set of software facilities that enable you:

  • At your head-office… to maintain control over all unredeemed credit vouchers.
  • At store level… to enable these documents to be validated when they are presented as a form of payment.

How it works…
At the time your sales personnel issue a credit note (e.g. for the return of stock) or sell a gift voucher, the system captures the full details. As well as being kept at store-level, these details are transmitted to head-office where they are filed with the details of credit vouchers from other stores.As part of overnight processing, the MINDER system sends details of the current status of each non-fully redeemed voucher so that, during the ensuing day, credit vouchers presented by customers at any store can be validated, as at the end of trade of the previous trading day.

What the voucher accounting option means to you…

  • You have full control of your contingent liability in respect of unredeemed credit notes, gift vouchers, and gift certificates.
  • Your store-level staff can serve customers more obligingly, efficiently, and accurately.

The benefit you derive is in terms of a significant improvement in customer satisfaction, reduced operating costs at both store and head-office levels, and an increase in your level of control over the financial aspect of your business.