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Personalised Customer Support

The MINDER Personalised Customer Support option has been designed for retail organisations who really believe in providing a high standard of personalised service to their clientele.

What it is…
This is an optional facility within the Point-of-Sale system that enables you to:

  • Establish name and address details of customers on file;
  • Record a variety of other information about the customer that is pertinent to providing personalised service, such as:
    1. The customer’s interests, e.g. in receiving catalogues, in attending previews, in receiving notification of sales, etc.;
    2. Customer’s size, height, colour preference, age grouping, occupation, etc.;
    3. Hobbies and other appropriate personal details, e.g. family members…
  • Automatically record details of purchases the customer has made, including the items purchased, including colour and size, the date and the price paid;
  • Record ‘events’ that are pertinent to the customer, in the context of having ‘common ground’ for the sales personnel to show their interest in the customer. 

The information gathered is for use in two ways…

    • In-store:
      To ‘relate’ to customers when they visit the store…
    • At head office:
      To enable direct mail campaigns to be targeted to your existing customer base.

How it works…
An example of how these facilities might be used is as follows…

Mrs. Forsythe, a regular customer, enters the store and starts to browse through the merchandise.  The sales assistant does a customer enquiry that displays Mrs. Forsythe’s information and reminds herself that…

  • Mrs. Forsythe’s Christian name is Elizabeth.
  • She would have received the recent catalogue.
  • She is a size 12, her colour preference is Autumnal, and she is a business women.
  • She most recently purchased an After 5 cocktail dress, Tangerine, Size 10, paid $140 after receiving a discount of $40.
  • When last in the store Mrs. Forsythe was due to have a two-week holiday in Bali.

The sales assistant, armed with this information, engages Mrs. Forsythe in friendly discussion and ‘makes the sale’.

The sale is recorded and settled in the normal manner, Mrs. Forsythe is handed her change and leaves the store. The POS system then allows the sales assistant to update Mrs. Forsythe’s records with the transaction just completed, and any new information that will assist the customer service process the next time Mrs. Forsythe visits the store.

The above is purely illustrative… the facility provided is extremely flexible and its day-to-day use will be very much a case of applying your own merchandising insight and technique.

 What Personalised Customer Support means to you…

The advantage of this particular system is that you have:

The facilities to provide a significantly higher level of customer service:

  • Happier customers;
  • Happier sales personnel; they have the tools to do the job you expect of them;
  •  A highly efficient way of using the considerable asset you have in the form of your existing customer base:
  • Efficient (highly automated) production of address labels for the mailing of catalogues, or for the mailing of personalised letters inviting valued customers to ‘closed door’ new season showings etc…

The ultimate benefit to you is in terms of improved stock-turn, improved achieved margin, and improved bottom line profitability.