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Frequent Shopper Club (FSC)

The MINDER Frequent Shopper Club (FSC) facility has been designed to provide retailers with the means of rewarding customers for their custom.

What it is…
This option consists of a set of software facilities that are integrated with the Personalised Customer Support facilities (see write-up immediately above). Customers ‘earn’ FSC points each time they purchase from you. When a customer’s entitlement reaches the nominated level you send them a letter thanking them for their business, and rewarding them with a Bonus Certificate that they can use like a Gift Voucher when they next shop at your store.

How it works…
The MINDER FSC facilities operate along the following lines:

  • It calculates the number of frequent shopper club points earned on each transaction, and prints them on the sales docket given to the customer. The sales docket also shows the customer’s new full points entitlement.
  • The back-office segment of MINDER keeps track of each customer’s FSC points entitlement as a by-product of updating the Point-of-Sale transactions.
  • Reports are provided that enable head-office staff to issue and mail out Bonus Certificates to those customers whose FSC points entitlement reach the appropriate level.
  • Customers present their Bonus Certificate in payment for goods during their next visit to your store. This ‘redemption’ is also captured by the POS unit,  and the data is sent to the back-office system to update the central records.
  • This system can be used in conjunction with the (optional) Voucher Accounting sub-system to keep track of the Bonus Certificates issued (along with Gift Vouchers and Credit Notes). If used, the Voucher Accounting sub-system will validate the authenticity and status of the Bonus Certificate, when it is presented by the customer.
  • MINDER’s frequent shopper club facilities enable you to modify the number of FSC points earned so that you can have ‘Double FSC points’ promotions, and the like. 

What the frequent shopper club option means to you…

  • You have the means to compete with your more aggressive competition who increasingly use these techniques to have your customers switch across to them.
  • As the facilities are tightly integrated with your Point-of-Sale facilities, you gain all the advantages with a minimum of effort and concern over the administration of the program.

The benefit you derive is in terms of you showing your customers, in a tangible way, that you value their business, and that you are prepared to reward them for their loyalty to you.