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Customer Mailing Facilities

The MINDER Customer Mailing System has been designed to meet the needs of organisations who wish to carry out direct mailing services to their customers.

What it is…
ImageThis system option enables you to:

  • Establish details of customers on file,
  • Selectively extract details of those customers from the file for the automatic production of emails, faxes, personalised letters and/or adhesive labels for the mailing of merchandise catalogues and the like.

This system can operate in two ways:

  • Freestanding Mode…

Facilities are provided that enable you to enter the name, address, and other direct mailing details of your customers (and potential customers).

  • Integrated Point-of-Sale Mode

In this mode of operation the name and address and other relevant direct mailing details come directly from the Point-of-Sale (POS) units operating in the retail stores.

Once customer details have been established, the following possibilities (amongst others) emerge:

Example A:
You have produced a new season’s catalogue and wish to initially mail it only to those customers nominated as ‘Privileged’, or who spent more than $2,000 with you last year.  You nominate the criteria and the system prints adhesive labels for each of the customers concerned.

Perhaps a month later, you produce another set of labels for Regular customers who have expressed interest in receiving catalogues.

Example B:
You decide to have ‘closed door’ showings of your new range.  You write the letter of invitation within the computer system and then nominate the criteria as to which customers should be sent the invitation.  The criteria might include…

  • Those customers who ‘belong’ to the stores where the ‘showing’ is going to take place.
  • Those customers who have indicated an interest in being invited to such an event.
  • Those who spent more than a nominated amount with you last year, or so far this year.
  • Those in a given occupation group, e.g. business-women.
  • Etc. etc. etc… it’s up to your imagination…

Example C:
You find yourself with an excess of stock of a given kind, in a particular colour preference grouping, and, perhaps, a given size grouping, e.g. the ‘talls’.  You compose an appropriate personalised letter, and have the system provide you with a set of letters ready for mailing.

What the Customer Mailing System means to you…

Probably for the first time you can be confident that…

  • The promotional material you are sending is of genuine interest to your customer;
  • You are in control of what is being mailed;
  • You can monitor the effectiveness of your various promotional campaigns;
  • You can keep the costs of promotional mailings down to an acceptable level.

The benefit to you is in terms of improved customer relations and improved morale and performance from your own staff, all of which leads to increased market share, stockturn, and bottom line profitability.