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Delivery Point ID (DPID)

Australia Post now demands DPID addressing to qualify for volume postage discounts.

ImageDPID is Australia Post’s acronym for Delivery Point IDentification, and it is the term used to identify the way in which you have to supply your mail to Australia Post, to obtain the traditional volume postage discounts.

Syscap has incorporated a new system facility within MINDER that integrates specialised DPID functionality, produced by others (in conjunction with Australia Post), and which reinstates your eligibility for bulk mailing discount.

What the MINDER DPID facilities are …
MINDER’s DPID-enhanced mailing system’s facilities are used to produce the following in the form required by Australia Post to qualify for volume discounts:

  • Mailing labels.
  • Addressed letters.
  • Files to be used in mail-merge processing with a Word-processing system such as Microsoft’s Word.
  • Files for your Mailing House to process on your behalf.

… the system either prints the DPID barcode, outputs it to a mail-merge file, or outputs it to the file you supply to your Mailing House, so that the subsequent processing complies with Australia Post’s bulk mailing rules.

How it works…
MINDER’s DPID facilities are an enhancement to the mailing system that:

  • Enables you to execute a DPID validation facility.
    When executed, this facility processes your customer masterfile against a file supplied by Australia Post, and produces a report that highlights the customers that have invalid DPID addresses, for your attention. The normal action would be to correct the invalid addresses before proceeding with the mailing campaign.

  • When the labels, letters, or mail-merge file are actually produced, the customers with valid DPID barcodes are grouped separately from those with  invalid barcodes, so that the material to be mailed can be presented to Australia Post in the form required for discount pricing.

  • The Syscap DPID option provides these facilities through the agency of a third party software house who have specialised in this area. This third party is the liaison point with Australia Post, and they will provide you with an updated file of the DPID barcodes approximately every three months. Also, as the specialists in this area, they are responsible for maintenance and support of the core product.

What do I have to do to get started ?
Apart from ‘signing on the dotted line’, you may well have to have your existing mailing system masterfile ‘washed’. This is a ‘once-off’ task to electronically bring the individual addresses in your file as close to Australia Post requirements as possible, e.g. the bottom line of the address must be formatted in upper case and be in the following order; the place name (suburb), the state or territory abbreviation, and finally the postcode.

We can put you in touch with an organisation that specialises in this task of ‘washing’ data. We will also assist you in preparing the data to send to them, and in processing the ‘washed’ file that they return to you.

What the DPID Mailing System enhancement means to you…

  • You will re-qualify for the savings in postage that you have traditionally received.
  • Your staff responsible for maintaining your mailing lists, and managing your promotional events, will be able to operate far more efficiently.
  • Your mail will reach your customers more quickly and reliably than it would using old-fashioned mailing techniques.