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Single Vendor Responsibility 

Syscap’s preferred role is to provide all aspects of our client’s system solution. We have developed the retail software that our client’s use, and it is our preferred situation to supply and support all related system software, computers and associated equipment, and provide all installation, training, and support services.

The benefit to you of our ‘Single Vendor Responsibility’ offer is…

It is a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution. If there is a system problem, you have one party to call, thereby eliminating the possibility of you having to analyse a problem and convince the software supplier that it is their problem, or a hardware supplier that it is their problem, or, if a hardware malfunction (e.g. a hard disc has crashed) that necessitates the recovery of the data, sorting who is going to do the work, and who is going to wear the cost.

As a retailer, you do not really need these problems.

Syscap’s ‘Single Vendor Responsibility’ provides you with the advantage of knowing you have all these bases covered, and enables you to concentrate on letting you do, what you do best, i.e. retailing.

What if I already have my equipment?
No problem. We will still take on the support of your old equipment, on a fee-for-service basis

What is the alternative to ‘Single Vendor Responsibility?
Some retail software houses supply software that has been developed by other companies, and sometimes they install it on computers and equipment that has also been supplied by third parties. As a consequence, these software houses cannot provide system tailoring, they are limited in the depth of technical support they can provide, and sometimes they simply ‘don’t want to know’ if your problem is hardware related.