How To Avoid Pathological System Tailoring

What is pathological system tailoring ?  It is system tailoring provided by some software houses on the basis of creating a separate version of the software specifically for each client.

While some readers might think that this sounds like a good thing, it usually leads to disaster.

Why is this so ?  Well, its primarily because quality software systems are ‘live entities’. ‘Live’ in the sense that they have to be incessantly changed and updated to conform with the ever changing real world in which they exist. One of the glaring recent examples was the trauma surrounding the introduction of GST. Software houses who were unprofessional enough to have tens, or hundreds of different versions of their software (tailored to meet specific needs of individual clients), let their clients down badly. It was virtually impossible for them to rework the many individual systems to incorporate the GST requirements.

Syscap has engineered its product so that our clients can enjoy the best of both worlds:

  1. All clients use the same set of software.
  2. Individual clients system tailoring needs are met by incorporating those needs into the one master product, on a parameter driven basis.