Stock Balancing

It has been said ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’!  Please view the following preview of our stock balancing entry screen.

Once you select a Style/colour the system automatically displays under the heading of ‘Suggested Transfers’ the current distribution of stock across your stores.

In daily operation you use your Mouse to click on the ‘Display options’ to have the system add the information you require to decide on where the over-stocks should go. In the following example, the ‘Display options’ selected were:

  • Current month salesImage
  • YTD sales
  • On order

Other criteria that might have been selected includes;

  • Stock on hand (to view the distribution before you commenced dragging-&-dropping.
  • Last year sales
  • YTD Sell thru & total sales
  • Reorder/Model Stock details
  • Weeks on hand
  • Last ‘n’ months sales; summarised, averaged, or individual
  • Last ‘n’ weeks sales; summarised, averaged, or individual

In the following preview the cells in the grid coloured red show the Store/sizes that have had stock removed; the cells coloured green show the stores that will receive stock.

“But how do I find those merchandise lines that I want to re-balance?”

Well, after selecting a starting point, you use MINDER’s filtering procedures and the system will systematically lead you through:

  • All the Styles/Items in a particular department.
  • All the Styles/Items from a particular supplier.
  • All the Styles/Items belonging to a particular season.
  • Or… a combination of the above.

 A simple click the Mouse on the next button enables you to quickly view each successive Style in the merchandise range you have selected.

“And what about the geographic/cost practicalities?”

MINDER has that angle covered also. By grouping your stores into Zones you can have MINDER automatically restrict the grid to work with the stores within that zone, e.g. Melbourne Metropolitan stores, Western  Australian stores, etc.