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Merchandise Re-ordering & Model Stock

The Merchandise Reordering & Model Stock facilities (termed ‘reordering’ from this point on) have been designed for retailers who can benefit by having their merchandising support systems selectively prompt them as to what stock should be ordered or replenished, and also to reduce the workload (increase the efficiency) associated with the actual reordering/replenishment process.

The reordering aspect of the facilities operate on the traditional min/max, order-up-to-level basis, and are usually used for non-apparel merchandise. By contrast, the model stock aspect of the facilities are usually used by apparel retailers where colour/size is an issue, and works on the basis of identifying what needs to be ordered to bring stock levels back to the model stock level  i.e. non min/max, etc. for every colour/size permutation.

These facilities provide for the stores requirements to be either ‘replenished’ from the company’s warehouse, or to be reordered directly from the supplier.

Relevant factors include:

  • MINDER users have the option of using a combination of both Reordering and Model Stock, if their merchandise assortment necessitates it.
  • Items of stock not flagged as being subject to re-order are automatically ignored by the system.
  • Products can be flagged as qualifying for reordering consideration for only part of the merchandising year.
  • Global facilities are provided that enable groups of products to be handled collectively, e.g. the min/max, order-up-to-level for all Items can be set in the one act.
  • Copy facilities are provided that enable reorder criteria established for one store, to be copied to another.
  • An optional facility exists that provides for an import facility that enables comma-delimited files (e.g. Excel spreadsheet), containing reorder criteria, to be imported.

Once the reorder criteria has been established you can, at virtually any time, have the system produce an exception report that displays details of all lines currently eligible for reordering.

In calling for this exception report you can control the scope of the reporting. You can, for example, call for the reporting of…

  • All items in a particular merchandising Department,
  • Just those items in a particular merchandising Classification,
  • All items that are ordered from a particular Supplier,
  • Or any combination of the above.

As part of this exception-based reporting process, you can nominate that you want the system to generate what we term ‘system suggested orders’. The created orders are placed on file as though they had been entered via the keyboard, and you have the option of modifying them before ‘authorising’ them. Once authorised, you can choose between printing the purchase orders for ‘snail mail’ posting, faxing, or you can use MINDER’s integrated emailing facilities.

The following links are to illustrative reports…