Merchandise Ordering

Purchase orders on suppliers can be efficiently raised within MINDER, and they can ultimately be either printed for ‘snail-mail’ or faxing, or be emailed from within MINDER.

When the stock arrives, the ‘receiving’ process can be efficiently handled by calling up the purchase order, making changes on an exception basis if required, and then nominating whether bar-coded price tickets are to be printed.

Invoices processed against orders can (optionally) be subjected to a ‘Pass-for-payment’ facility, thereby bringing about their automatic entry in the accounts payable and general ledger systems.

However, MINDER also operates quite happily for those retailers who do not find it practical (or expedient) to enter the merchandise orders they place with their suppliers, into MINDER. Merchandise received can be processed directly against the supplier invoice or delivery docket, including the production of bar-coded price tickets if required.