Eftpos facilities are provided for within MINDER in two forms:

  1. Free-standing form 
  2. Interconnected form 

Free-standing Eftpos MINDER clients are those who choose to keep their PIN-pads independent of the POS unit, and process transactions by entering the amount of the sale via the PIN-pad’s keyboard. That is, the authorisation of the charge is quite separate from the POS transaction.

ImageBy contrast, Inter-connected Eftpos MINDER clients have their PIN-pads connected to the POS unit, and thereby have the amount of the transaction automatically transferred from the POS unit to the PIN-pad. The virtue of this approach is that it eliminates the possibility of the salesperson entering a wrong amount for authorisation.

MINDER POS operates with most of the major banking instituations Eftpos facilities . This includes CBA, ANZ, NAB, St George, Tyro plus others and includes the touch card technology Eftpos terminals.



ImageMinder interfaces with the following Software interfaces

  • Tyro
  • Ingenico
  • EFTLink
Increasingly, MINDER clients chose to have their eftPOS PIN-pads connected to the POS computer. When connected, and the eftPOS method-of-payment key is used, the relevant amount is automatically transmitted to the PIN-pad.
Once the transaction has been processed by the provider, the POS system receives a code advising as to whether the transaction has been approved or declined, and the POS system proceeds accordingly.
ImageIn this situation all the printing is done on the receipt printer attached to the POS unit, and a separate pin pad printer is not required.

We have partnered with Tyro, Australia's’ fastest growing EFTPOS banking institution to offer you a range of services that improve your customers’ payment experience, while streamlining your business processes and increasing your bottom line. With Tyro the integration between your POS and payment transaction is direct and seamless with features to best-fit the needs of your industry.

Tyro delivers

  •  easy-to-use Tap&Go terminals with multi till connections
  •  splitting, tipping or pre-authorised bar tabs
  •  value added features as Pay@Table, Pay@Bar
  •  mobile payments acceptance and other value added features
  •  sub 1.6 secs EFTPOS transactions
  •  seamless integration and automatic reconciliation
  •  proven non-stop system availability
  •  PCI-DSS compliance, high data security
  •  expert 24/7 local customer support
There are no transaction limits, lock-in contracts, set-up, break, cancellation or other hidden fees and Customer Support is local, 24/7 and only 20 seconds away.

Tyro serves a large number of Australian businesses and offers best-fit EFTPOS solutions for the retail, health and hospitality sectors.