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As with all forms of payment within MINDER POS, the items being purchased by the customer are rung up on the POS system, and then the salesperson selects the ‘Accounts’ method of payment key.

MINDER POS can work with a variety of accounts receivable systems including:

ImageAccount credit checking is part of the payment procedure, a docket for the customer’s signature can be produced, payments on account can be taken at the Point-of-sale, and A4 style invoices can be produced if required.

Regardless of which ‘Debtors’ facility is used at the ‘back-end’, MINDER provides for account details and current balances to be transmitted to each store as part of overnight processing. This means that all POS account transactions are validated before the goods are released to the customer.

The Accounts option provides the option of printing an additional sales docket to be signed by the customer, and if a report printer is available, the option exists to print an A4 style invoice.

Payments by account customers can be processed at either the Point-of-Sale, or through the back-office accounting system. Of course, the impact of payments recorded in the back-office system will not be known to the POS system until the start of the next working day.