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What's new in April 2017

Head Office


·          There is a new sub-system for Wholesale Customer Order Processing. Customer orders can be entered & then pass through the cycle of picking, shipping, invoicing & posting. Back orders are handled in this process. An interface is provided to MYOB & Quickbooks for accounts receivable control.

·          Freestanding ticket printing now has an option to default the ticket count to the current stock level. 

·          For clients using the Minder/Web interface, up to 5 image files can be nominated for a style/item. These are all sent to the web site. 

·          New Customer Loyalty Changes Report which allows reporting on any combination of  new customers, changed name and address, deleted customers, email address changes and subscriber flag changes. A date range is nominated for the report.

·          Customer Loyalty Enquiry now shows customer type, sales fields & bonus points. 

·          The Customer Loyalty maintenance screen now has a button to invoke the Customer Transaction History Inquiry. The details of the currently displayed customer are passed, & the transaction history details are automatically displayed. When exited, the customer maintenance screen is resumed.

·          PDE processing now allows a PDE file to be reversed. Batches with negative quantities are generated. 

·          PDE processing now allows for a file to be transmitted without being processed. To be used if the recordings on the PDE are incorrect (e.e. Store Headers). The file can then be altered before processing using the "Extract previously transmitted data" option.

·          Supplier reporting now has an option to show last year YTD\STD figures for Sales & Purchases. & also show the Stock on Hand at the same time last year. This is available for Consolidated & store by ... sequence, at all merchandise levels.

·          The stocktake initiate function will now allow the previous day’s date to be entered as the stocktake date. A clear warning is given as it must only be used if no transactions have been posted since the previous day.

·          Customer Loyalty now allows the recording of the preferred contact method (Email, Mail, Mobile, Other phone, None). Also there is an option to flag a customer as “Overseas”, where the City, State & Postcode get replaced with a single freeform entry line.


Head Office and POS 


·          PDE processing now handles the new BHT1500 PDE.   

·          If global salespersons & multiple POS Control files are used, an option now exists to send salespersons from the primary POS Control fileto the POS stores. This allows for salespeople to be maintained in only one control file.

·          There is a new option to check stock levels at a POS store for a Department or a Class, by scanning items & running a variance report. Similar processing to stocktake counting, however the process is confined to the store, & the recorded transactions have no impact on stock.



·          There is a new facility to allow customer lookup using part or all of an email address.