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What's new in May 2015


Head Office Changes
  • There is a new report in the Reorder system, the Reorder Status report. It is designed to identify which merchandise items are in (or not in) the reorder system, and whether they are Reordered from Suppliers or Replenished from a warehouse.

  • Supply Logistics now has a function to generate distribution or purchase order quantities based on the rate of sale & the weeks cover  required.

  • Stock Balancing now allows printing & emailing of suggested transfers while other users are using the facility, or when other Supply Logistics functions are in use (e.g. Warehouse Distributions or Generate P/Os.).

  • Loyalty Data Mining report at transaction level now shows the salesperson code for the transaction.

  • If Live Sales option is in use, Supply Logistics & Stock Balancing now reflect any sales for today in stock & sales displays.

  • Paid In/Out reporting now allows a reason code (or GL account) filter.

  • In Pass invoices for payment, the lookup screen will now allow the Search button to be used to search on any of the displayed fields, e.g. invoice number.

  • The Discount Report in POS H/O reporting now has an option to print summaries only.

  •  The Trading Summary report (under Budget reporting) now allows an option to report either this week or last weeks sales.

  •  A new option allows image file for specific colors to be used in displays in Supply Logistics / Stock Balancing.

  •  There is a new web facility to poll the web site to collect sales as they occur, & also to send changes to stock levels (brought about by POS sales or purchase order receiving) to the web site.


Head Office and POS Changes
  • A new merchandise type of  “Combo” is available. It can be used when multiple items are sold at POS as a combination at a special price. The items (& the qty of each) that make up the “Combo” item are established at head office. When the combo item is sold at POS, the details of components are displayed. There is an option to have variable items (could be a selection from a number of different drinks). In this case the operator is prompted to scan the selected component. Sales can either be recorded against the Combo item or the individual components. Stock of the components is reduced when a combo sale is recorded.

  • For clients who are in the hospitality sector a new option has been added which allows pre-defined comments to be recorded with a sale line. This can be used to record the type of milk to use for a coffee, or the number of sugars required. The pre-defined items are identified by a Miscellaneous Codes value of “COMMENT”. At POS they can be set up as pre-set lookup keys



POS Changes
  • For clients who use Live Sales, inter-store transfers can now be used to immediately update live stock levels at each store & live stock enquiries & Supply Logistic functions at head office