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What's new in August 2014
Head Office Changes
  • The Transaction History report now outputs the style/item description to Excel.

  • The SKU Performance History report now shows current stock on hand (qty).

  • Supply Logistics now has an option to generate a build sheet from supplier store reorder criteria. This allows reorder qtys to be adjusted (e.g. if stock can be sourced from another store), before generating the store purchase orders. The check for order minimums now allows orders for stores to be ignored, or alternatively put on hold so that they remain accessible in the build sheet for subsequent processing.


    • SKU Stock & Sales report is a new report for color/size items. It reports stock on hand & recent sales quantities (last week, this month & last month), sequenced on last week sales (highest through to lowest).


      • Store Pricing Listing now has an output to Excel option

        • Merchandise Movements Report (3) is a new report which can be used to identify the age of stock. It shows the initial receipt date & then the first & last purchase date for a nominated date range. It also shows last sale date, stock on hand & total quantity purchased & sold in the date range.



POS Changes
  • Customer Loyalty lookup now allows lookup on a first name with no surname. e.g. Enter /helen to see all customers with a first name starting with Helen. 

  •  A second POS printer can be used to duplicate details of the receipt. This can be used where preparation of purchased items needs to be performed at a location different to the POS register. E.g. if drinks are to be prepared by a barista. Specific items can be flagged so that only they will print on the second printer. The printer can be a network printer not directly attached to a computer.

  • Customer Loyalty enquiry now has a facility to lookup customers on their recorded phone number. Enter a slash ( either / or \) followed by the phone number in the surname field. If 2 numbers are recorded & one is a mobile, the mobile number is to be used. Otherwise the first recorded number is used. If multiple customers have the same number, they are displayed for you to select.


  • POS Menu has been altered to maximise the menu or POS/SBO if it is already open and minimised to the start line