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Head Office Changes 


  • A supplier can now be nominated as being an “Overseas” supplier. This results in no GST being used for such suppliers, when creating & receiving purchase orders.
  • A supplier can now have a different means of dispatching Claims to suppliers. Previously the options for dispatching Purchase Orders was used for claims.
  • There is a new menu function under File Maintenance which allows mass deletions of merchandise items from an imported CSV file. Only items with no stock can be deleted.
  • For clients using Store Specific Pricing, there is now a facility to import these prices from a CSV file.
  • For clients using color/size, there is a new Negative Stock (Color/Size) report under Inventory Reporting – Units.
  • The Import Merchandise Deletions facility now allows you to nominate the number of months of sales history to use when allowing deletion of items. It also now prevents items being deleted if open purchase orders exist.
  • The Merchandise Re-Import facility now allows the class of an item to be changed. This facilitates mass changes of item classes.
  • There is a new report entitled SKU Performance report. It can show up to 3 years month by month sales history in units. It can report at item (style) level,  color level or size level, with options for consolidated stores, store by sku or sku by store. Zone option exists & output to Excel is provided. Supplier & season code filters are also provided.
  • The Customer Loyalty Data Mining report now allows a specific customer to be nominated

POS Changes 



  • If daily store budgets have been established these can now be displayed at POS, where the progressive sales are compared to the budget to show % achieved
  •  Interstore transfers will now display a warning if no items have been recorded. Also vouchers redeemed will use rounding (in the same way as cash) so that change less than 5 cents cannot be given.
  • Integrated EftPos no longer needs to be the final tender, thereby allowing multiple EftPos cards to be used. However once an integrated EftPos tender has been used, the transaction cannot be cancelled (as bank approval has already been given).
  • Merchandise enquiry now shows supplier & supplier product number details (if used), and lookups can be done using the supplier product number.
  •  The item enquiry search facility has been revamped to provide very fast search times.