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Head Office Changes 

If you are interested in thes features below and they do not appear to be on your system please do not hesitate to contact us on 03 9898 7136. It may just require a software update.


  • New Loyalty Data Mining report. This allows you to analyse your customers buying habits. The reporting of loyalty data at various levels, e.g. customer or customer/item or customer/transaction. Data can be reported using any timeframe (calendar year, merchandise year, months or a specific date range). Various filters are provided including merchandise season codes, supplier, colors or even sizes. $sales (greater or less than) is also a filter. Imagine knowing that a supplier is about to deliver new stock and you can find all the customers who purchased stock from that supplier in the last 12 months and you could produce a list so that you can email  them to let them know new stock is arriving.(This is a chargeable item)

  • For clients using the Minder to Web interface who use color & size, a larger web description can be used for both. If the optional web description is not used, the normal description is used. Also if not all colors and/or sizes are available for sale on the web, you can now nominate a sub-set of available web colors & sizes.

  • For clients using the Gift Registry system a menu item now exists allowing you to purge old registries based on a nominated event date. There is also now a Gift Registry Summary Report which provides a list of registries based on an event date filter.

  • There is a new menu option named Purchase Order Entry & Receive. This allows a P/O to be created & received in the one procedure.

  • Importing merchandise file changes now allows sell prices B and C (if used) to be imported.

  • When cloning items you can now nominate how the prices are handled. You can nominate to use the current price, use none of the prices or use all of the prices. The option applies to cost & sell prices.

  •  KPI reporting now includes:-
    -Store Averages report (new)
    -Merchandise Average Unit Sale report
    -Salesperson Statistics report (existing report relocated to here)
    -Loyalty Comparison report (new).
    -Compares loyalty sales to non-loyalty sales.
    -Loyalty Statistics report existing report relocated to here) 

    Some of the above options require licencing of Global Loyalty detail (where transaction details of all customer assigned sales are available at head office & at all stores). This allows all stores (& H/O) to see details of sales transactions regardless of the store where they were recorded.

  • Customers in the Loyalty system can be mass deleted by importing an Excel file.

  • Stock Balancing now allows a check box that controls the display of out of stock lines. They can be either included or excluded. The extra 2 season codes are also shown, & can be modified (if the full Supply Logistics system is installed).

  • A merchandise line can now have up to 3 season codes. Reports that include a season code filter (or multiple filters) will now report a line if any one of the 3 season codes matches a season code filter. Importing/exporting of the range now includes these additional fields.




  •  Polling Profiles can be setup for each day of the week. If setup these may be used when polling. This allows for different polling times for each day


Store Changes  

Point of Sale  

  • Under some conditions, cut & paste using ctrl+c & ctrl+v did not work. This has now been fixed. Also undo (ctrl+z).

  • A PRICE button can now be set up with a preset value. Useful if clearing stock at a set price.