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Head Office Changes 


  •  Printing of Colors & Sizes in General File Maintenance now allows output to Excel.

  • When using cloning in General file maintenance, the lookup button allows a partial key to be entered. The display of items will start at the next key on file.

  • When using auto incremented item codes, items numbers beginning with one or 2 alpha characters can now be incremented. Also the option to auto increment can be checked before entering the first code, in which case the highest number used will be determined & incremented. If a partial number is entered then the highest number limited by the entered characters will be determined. E.g. if 56 is entered and the ‘auto generate item number’ is then checked, the highest number used starting with 56 will be incremented (e.g. 56205). The number can be overridden.

  • The Supply Logistics function now allows creation of Purchase Orders using the purchase/stock ratio (purchase unit of measure). The purchase UOM & cost are now shown, if relevant. The screen also now shows retail prices A, B & C if used.

  • An option now exists to interface Inventory Costing journals to the Landmark Accounting system. Sales are posted with the average cost & all other transactions affecting stock on hand are interfaced via general journals. Changes to cost of sales also generate journals. Sales for non POS stores (e.g. online web stores) can also be interfaced as journals.

  • Freestanding ticket printing now has an option to flush unprinted tickets when more than 1 ticket across.

  • The Portable Data Terminal (PDT) facilities now include inter store transfers

  • Customer information extracted from Minder can be loaded into a Outlook contacts list

  • We also have a tool that will allow you to establish if colours are used in the system and if so by how many items and how much stock is assigned to that colour.




  •  Ability to summarize the POS Information sent from the stores into a file that can be loaded into Excel or the like. This will contain information like

    Store number, Station Number, Operating system name and version, amount of Memory, Time since the last reboot, Machine name, MAC address, Current IP addresses plus a lot of information required by the POS system including versions of programs and menu.

  • Profile polling has been introduced to allow you to start polling at different times for different days of the week. This can also be setup to poll multiple times during the night.

  • Use Robocopy to speed up the backups and allows the viewing the latest backup details in full.

  • Emailing of success or failure of overnight polling
  • Emailing of selective overnight reports to nominated people


Store Changes  

Point of Sale  

  • A signature line can now be printed for Apro Out transactions

  • An option to display Reorder & Replenishment data at POS now exists.

  • The latest menu logs information about the POS PC and sends that information to head office with the POS sales information.