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Head Office Changes 


  • New Key Performance Indicator Reporting. First report is the Merchandise Average Unit Sale report. To follow shortly are the Store Averages report & the Loyalty Customer report.

  • The Warehouse Reorder report when output to Excel now includes some additional columns. The keys & description are segregated, the last sale date & the last purchase date are shown & both the warehouse stock & the total (company) stock are shown.

  • An option to print a Web Stock Monitoring report for web sales is now available. It shows web items that are currently out of stock & have had activity in the last x days (nominated by the client).

  • The Management Enquiry now has an option to show sales budgets for the period to date, assuming Daily Sales budgets have been set up for the company/stores. i.e. if 3 days into week 2 of a month the WTD & MTD budgets will be adjusted to reflect that point in time. An option exists to exclude “today’s sales” budgets, relevant when the Live Sales option is not being used.

  • An option to interface web sales to your accounting system (Quickbooks, MYOB & Landmark) now exists. There is also an option that allows non POS sales batches to be interfaced.

  • The Web Input Sales Listing now shows the total freight & the total banking (being the sum of sales & freight).