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What's new in February 2012

Head Office

  • KPI Reporting - There is a new report called the Store Averages report which is now available and others to come in the near future

  • Voucher Reporting now allows you to report by either vouchers issued (for a nominated date range) or by vouchers redeemed (for a nominated date range). This allows reporting of vouchers issued for a given date range, and vouchers redeemed for a given date range. Also the outstanding value is now as at the end date of the range. I.e. it is adjusted by redemptions after the end date. This allows reporting of open vouchers as at (for instance) an end of month date.

  • The Voucher purge facility now allows a range of vouchers to be purged. This is useful when promotional vouchers have been generated & have now expired. For security reasons there is a non chargeable option that needs to be turned on if purging vouchers with balances.

  • Sales & Stock Analysis reporting now has an option for showing $GP as well as the current options of Sales Quantity & Sales value. Also reporting in whole dollars is now available, with hundreds/thousands selectable.

  • The Discount Report in POS H/O reporting now has an option to report by Discount Reason code if they are used.

  • A new option to have a Merchandise Type of "Non Stocked" for items is available. Items flagged as such never have any stock on hand figures, however purchases (and sales) can be recorded. Used when components purchased that go into making other saleable items.

  • The Inventory Monitoring report now allows season code filtering (up to 3), selection of SOH &/or sales, nomination of the number up weeks sales to include & a facility the print consolidated zones across the page (columns are totals of all stores in each selected zone).POS and SBO

  • The Store Back Office menu now allows the running of the Purchase Order Monitoring Report & the Purchase Order Status report. All open orders are available for reporting.

  • The Purchase Order Monitoring report now allows reporting of all undelivered orders, not just overdue orders.

Point of Sale

  • The Merchandise Enquiry screen now allows all colors to be shown for a style, for each store. When selected, the store grid is replaced with a color grid. You can toggle between either stores or colors.