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What's new in December 2011

General updates for Head Office

  •  The General file maintenance now allows a Classification to be deleted and targeted to another Classification. All members of the deleted Classification are transferred to the new Classification and all quantitave data is transferred to the new Classification, and to the new Department if it is different to the original Department.
  • A user profile can have an environment variable named "STORE" set which is used to default to the specified store number in Purchase Order processing. This is usefull when stores access the Head Office system via thin client or remote desktop.
  • The Head Office POS reporting now has an Account Payments report for clients having account customers.
  • Purchase Orders can be created from an existing order by duplicating the order for a nominated store, or a group of stores.
  • Store maintenance now allows for a default ticket format. This is used during Purchase Orders processing and Transaction Batch processing.
  • Debtors statements now allow for up to 3 user maintained payment methods to be printed on a statement. Also a message can be printed on each statement.
  • If the Claims system is used, details of claims can now be entered on the Purchase Order receival screen(reason code, qty/value). These then carry through to the Claims screen at the completion of the receiving process.
  • The Best/Worst Performance report now allows the nomination and reporting of $GP fields, in addition to the $ and quantity entities. Also you can now nominate the number of weeks (1 to 6) to use as the basis for performance.
  • Stocktake countsheet printing (when color/size used) now has an option to allow stock on hand quantities to be printed, and zero and negative quantities to be suppressed.
  • The Store Replenishment report now allows filtering on up to 3 season codes.

General Updates for POS

  • The Customer Loyalty Enquiry now has Previous/Next buttons for stepping through customers.
  • The Merchandise Enquiry screen now shows purchase order quantities for each store/warehouse. Up to 2 Purchase Orders are displayed per store showing the Purchase Order number, quantity and expected delivery date. An option exists to show the Customer Order quantities if used.
  • New Menu option to be able to view information about the POS computer. This information is also sent to Head Office (internet polled stores only) and stores in a csv file and the Syscom at Head Office can summarise the information from all POS computers.