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What's new in March 2011 Print

What's new in March 2011

General updates for Head Office

  •  A Purchase Order Receival document can now be printed which shows what was received in the latest receival of a purchase order. It is similar in format to the P/O print, & also has an option to print all receivals for a P/O.

  • Purchase Orders can now be imported to create new or update existing purchase orders. Also purchase order receivals can be imported to update purchase orders.

  • There is now a facility to include Budgets (Daily, Weekly & Monthly sales) on the Daily Store Sales report. This report prints automatically as part of overnight processing, & can be run from the H/O POS reporting menu.


  • Batches that have updated the system but are not deleted because tickets have not been printed will now be deleted automatically after 2 months.


  • The Customer Loyalty system now includes a set of radio buttons on the Customer Maintenance screen to control whether the customer gets mail/emails. The options are:- 1. Subscriber, 2. Unsubscribe – allowing exporting, 3. Unsubscribe – no export or mail. Options 2 & 3 will stop emails or letters being sent to the customer. Labels are also suppressed. Option 3 will also prevent the customer being exported. The export options now include the subscriber flag. The import option also allows updating of the field. The Brief & Full Customer listings also denote this new status.


  • Transfers In & Transfers Out reporting at SKU & Transaction levels now has an Excel output option.


  • Delete items now has an option to “Remain in delete maint”. This is similar to the “Remain in Price maint” option &  is useful when many items are being deleted.