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What's New in April 10

General Updates for Head Office and POS

  • The ability to charge a fee for usage of AMEX cards at Point of Sale. At this stage the accounting interface is for Landmark only. This has been implemented to allow for a percentage or dollar charge. There is a licence fee for this facility.

  • Stocktaking of warehouses & stores can now be performed using Portable Data Terminals (PDT), for those clients who have wireless facilities installed. Validation is performed in real time to facilitate the acuracy of the count. There is a licence fee for this facility.

  • The Gift Registry system now has the option to be global. It requires an internet connectionat stores and head office. The Gift Registry file is located on the head office server and the stores access this file for any Gift Registry enquiries or updates. This means that all stores see all Gift Registry entries. As soon as a sale is recorded against the registry, it is reflected immediately in the items available to purchase in all stores. There is a licence fee for this facility.

  • The application of different prices for different colors within a style has been expanded from 3 to 8 colours.

  •  Multiple key lookup facilities are available in General File Maintenance for both colours and sizes when maintaining items.

  • There is now a facility to see the Customer Loyalty transaction details at head office and/or at all the stores. Details of what has been purchased at other stores can be seen on the Customer Loyalty Enquiry at POS. A new enquiry is available at Head Office which shows all transactions for customers. If required, legacy transactions can be downloaded to Head Office and all stores. There is a licence fee for this facility.


General Updates for Head Office

  • A new warehousing facility has been added to Minder for those clientsrequiring assistance with the inwards and outwards movement of stock. Racks areassigned locations with merchandise lines being assigned to a particular pick face with overflow stock assigned to bulk locations. Stock movement is controlled by Portable Data Terminals (PDT) running MS Windows Mobile, and using long range( up to 5 metres) barcode scanning. The PDT's connect wirelessly to the Minder backoffice system to provide information on products and record movements, in a real time environment. There is a licence fee for this facility.

  • The Web interface facility has been enhanced to interface Minder Customer Loyalty details to third party web systems. Customers recorded at retail stores and/or head office are exported each night to the web site. New customers ( & changesto address details) recorded at the web site flow through to the Minder head office Customer Loyalty system and then onto the retail stores. There is also a facility to acceptpayments by Debtor account customers which then post to the Minder Debtors system. There is a licence fee for this facility.

  • The Web interface now allows the actual available stock to be interfaced,rather than just showing the out of stock status. Available stock is the difference between stock on hand (across all stores ) less the reserved stock level.

  • A new facility allows merchandise to be exported to a comma separated format for Excel manipulation, and then a new import facility allows updating of the merchandise range with these changes. New lines can be created from information provided by suppliers. There is a licence fee for this facility. This licence fee will cover the importing or Merchandise changes and also include the importing of Purchase Orders and Purchase Order receivals which is due to be released lat 2010 or early 2011.