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Point-Of-Sale (POS)

MINDER’s POS system has been expressly designed for ease of use, and to be as intuitive in terms of day-to-day operation, as possible.

In developing MINDER POS, there were three main challenges that confronted us, and they are worthy of brief mention.

  1. To find the optimum answer from the salesperson’s standpoint, for the broad range of functionality that is now required of POS systems.
  2. To find a practical tailoring method of implementation such that clients who do not require particular facilities, do not have their POS screens complicated by them.
  3. To make it practical for head-office to change the way in which their POS facilities operate. (Recognising the need for all stores to be using the same facilities from the beginning of the trading day.)

 We have met all three of these challenges:

ImageChallenge 1; example… In terms of its normal sale function, MINDER POS is like a cash register in that it is an ‘event driven’ procedure. That is, if you want to make a sale, you enter your salesperson code, you scan the barcodes of the items being sold, you press Total, and you select the method of payment. As with a cash register, to handle a return you push the ‘Return’ modifier key, and follow the same procedure.

Challenge 2; example… Some clients want to use Loyalty facilities some do not. Those that do, find that they are prompted at the end of the sale to attach the transaction to a customer; those who do not, do not get prompted in this way.

Challenge 3: example… The POS parameters that control the functioning of the POS unit are held at head-office. If for example, you wish to implement a 20% discount for a one-off promotion, you simply change the POS function keys at head-office, extract them, and they are automatically transmitted to the store as part of overnight polling, and they are automatically brought into operation from the start of day in each store.

Obviously there are many other cases in each category of challenge, but the underlying approach taken to the development of MINDER POS copes with them in a highly ‘elegant’ manner. Of course we will be pleased to provide you with a demonstration of these facilities at the appropriate time, so that you can form your own conclusion on these matters