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What's New in Nov 08

New claims facility

A new claims facility has been added to to the retail system. Two modes of entry are provided; the first from entry of receivals against a purchase order (overcharges, short deliveries, etc.); the second for items returned by customers due to manufacturing fault, etc.

While entering receivals against purchase orders, lines can be flagged to indicate a claim needs to be made. If so flagged, at the end of the receiving process the claims screen is displayed. The lines flagged are displayed with invoiced price & quantity, & entry of reason for claim (pre-defined), & claim quantity & value may be entered. The claim can be immediately printed or emailed to the supplier.

For claims relating to customers (or damaged floor stock), details of each line are recorded along with reason for the claim, & the claim printed or emailed.

If the 'Pass-for-payment' facilities are enabled, the claim can be passed separately from the invoice, once a credit note has been received.

The purchase Order report now has options to include claims in the report.

This is an optional Fee-for-use facillity.

New reports, and upgrades to existing reports

  • New Trading Summary Report:

      - New report focusing on sales, profitability, & stock

      - Comparisons to budget & last-year

      - Weeks-on-hand projection based on user selected criteria

  • Upgrade to Transaction History Report:

     - Now allows for the nomination of a particular batch reference

  • Inventory Monitoring report:

 - Now has an output to Excel option

 - Improved reporting key options

 - Shows sales for last six weeks (instead of just the current month).

    • Returns Tracking Report:

 - Report now available even though the Returns Tracking faciliites might not have been purchased.

  • Store Reorder Report:

Now offers an option to report in Department/Item sequence.


The above upgrades and facilities are all Licence-free enhancements, and they will become available after your next general update.

General Upgrades

  • The Data Entry Batch Status List: 

 - Now shows the total Cost & Retail values of the batch 

  • MINDER Supply Logistics - Display option:

  - Now allows for you to show up to 16 months of sales data (previously 12 months)

  • Voucher facilities at POS:

 - Initially only displays 'open' voucher; option to display all. 

  • Voucher Management at Head-office;

 -  Option to purge non-zero vouchers older than a nominated date.

  • Pre-set reporting:

 - Returns can now be reported even though 'Returns Tracking' is not used at POS. 


  • Customer loyalty export/import:

- New option that allows names/addresses details to be exported in a format that can be re-imported using the import facility. This provides for data to to exported to Excel, modified, & then re-imported.


  • Epson TM-T88iv:

- Is now supported by MINDER

The above upgrades and facilities are all Licence-free enhancements, and they will become available after your next general update.