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MSL Distribution

Different lines of merchandise, different points in the merchandising cycle, etc. all contrive to make the all important fucntion of merchandise distribution an awkward, and often a quite expensive retail business function.

Syscap's Build-sheet based facilities improve traditional distribution functions by an order of magnitude. Please review the following illustrative example:

Preview - Illustrative MSL Distribution screen

Features and facilities include:

  • Choice of distributing warehouse stock or the stock associated with a particular purchase order.
  • Abiility to nominate the percentage of stock to be allocated at this time.
  • Template formulas to calculate store distribution quantities.
  • Auto-calcualtion of distribution quantities to refill stores to Reorder or Model-stock levels.
  • Optional lead-through based on supplier and/or department, etc.
  • Extensive filtering.
  • Mouse based Drag-&-drop facilities to move quantities between stores in the Build-sheet.
  • One-click access to bring about the display of decision assisting information, such as:
        • Current months sales
        • Last months sales
        • Season-to-date sales
        • Year-to-date Sell-through & YTD sales
        • On-order
        • Weeks-on-hand
        • Etc.