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Merchandise Ordering & Replenishment

These facilities provide for the ordering of merchandise from suppliers in chain and multi store environments in what might be termed more 'sophisticated' supply chain environments.

This is a clasical case of 'one picture being worth a thousand words'... click one of the following links to view an annotated illustrative screen:

Preview - Illustrative MSL purchase order creation screen 

Preview  - Illustrative MSL apparel (colour/size) purchase order creation screen

As can be seen from the illustrative displays, template facilities are provided that facilitate the calculation of 'by-store' order quantities. Also, information to assist the decision maker can be displayed on the ordering screen with the click of a mouse, and store quantity allocations are automatically saved to provide for the distribution of the stock at the appropriate time.

The internal form of these facilities are referred to as a 'Build-sheet', and it provides for:

  • Top-down or Bottom-up operation.
  • The 'population' fo the store grid by means of template based formulas, or in line with Reorder or Model Stock criteria.
  • Mouse based 'Dragging-&-dropping' of stock quantities.

Other features of these merchandise ordering facilities include:

  • System 'Lead-through' based on a supplier code, a department code, etc.
  • Extensive filtering.
  • Choice of having the system generate a single order, or a separate order for each store.
  • Purchase orders generated by the system become available for printing and/or emailing, and order that are emailed have appropriate .csv,  .txt,  .pdf files automatically attached to them.

Store allocations arrived at during the compilation of the order are retained in a form that allows for them to be subsequently used for the production of picking lists.