'The MINDER Series'

A computer based system solution for retailers.

Image‘The MINDER Series’ is the software element of the combination of goods and services that go to make up the retail system solution that Syscap Retail Systems provides to its clients.

Retail Inventory Management facilities are at the centre of the MINDER solution. Comprehensive merchandising management facilities incorporating stock managemnt by store, & down to colour/size level of detail where required. Extensive sales analysis & profitability reporting, stock balancing facilities, &, for those clients requiring it, the MINDER solution also offers Loyalty, Financials, Accounting, and, Apparel Manufacturing & Wholesaling facilities.

ImageMINDER's retail inventory management system is complemented by the all important Point-Of-Sale facilities that operate in the individual stores. While simplicity of operation was our primary design criteria, extensive functionality has been achieved by astute design, & the judicious use of system options & client controllable parameters.

Syscap has developed MINDER to operate on the Microsoft platform for a number of sound business reasons. Amongst these reasons are those of opening the option for MINDER to blend with products such as Outlook and Word, and to allow the use of standard remote processing facilities (Remote Desktop/Terminal Services) provided as standard within the Microsoft infrastructure.



Syscap has developed ‘The MINDER Series’ ‘in-house’, ensuring that our clients do not have to rely on third parties for support, or for tailored modifications or enhancements that they may require. We have provided extensive system tailoring services to our clients since 1986, and, most importantly, have done so in a manner that has been professionally responsible (see How To Avoid Pathological System Tailoring). This is one of the key reasons why we retain clients who first started using MINDER as far back as 1988.

Typically, MINDER operates at the head-office location on a Microsoft-based network, and works in conjunction with Windows-based computers at store level that provide the in-store POS facilities.

ImageEach night, the head-office MINDER system polls each store and retrieves the merchandising and financial data collected during the trading day. The data collected from the stores is updated at head-office, and then phase-2 polling is automatically invoked to provide the store with the new data they require, e.g. details of new products, price changes, current unredeemed value of credit notes and gift vouchers, current stock levels in the other stores, etc.

Where circumstances permit, Syscap promotes a Single Vendor Responsibility policy. That is, it is our preferred situation for us to provide (and be accountable) for all software, all equipment, and all services, so that the best possible day-to-day operating outcome can be assured. However, users of other systems who already have equipment installed (and need to change software/support arrangements) have no cause for concern. In most cases we find that we can readily ‘adopt’ equipment already installed, and still effectively apply our ‘single vendor responsibility’ policy.