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What is MINDER-Pack?

Image MINDER-Pack is a retail Point-of-Sale system designed to suit the needs of small to intermediate sized retailers.  It provides:

  • Cash register facilities (including layby, loyalty, providing for gift vouchers, etc.)
  • Barcode ticket printing
  • Sales and margin reporting
  • Stock control (at colour/size level if required)

... and it comes packaged with all the implementation, training and support services required. 

The business solution being offered has been specifically packaged to guarantee the successful implementation of a Point-of-sale and Retail Inventory Management system in your business.

If you already have computer equipment it is likely that it can be used to run MINDER-Pack (refer to the Equipment Requirements list below). If you don't have any computer equipment, we will be pleased to provide you with a quotation. The only other costs you have to concern yourself with are supply items such as paper rolls for the receipt printer, labels for the production of barcoded price tickets, etc.

Hold the shrink-wrap!

Image Single store retailers have the option of buying a shrink-wrapped POS system from a retail store, and then tracking down and contracting wth a third party for the implementation services required.

MINDER-Pack is a superior option. It comes bundeld with all the set-up, installation, and support services required.  You know you have all the bases covered, and that you have no additional retail system costs until it comes time to renew your support agreement twelve months down the track. And...

The solution you are implementing is coming directly from the developers. With Syscap having met the needs of hundreds of retailers over the last twenty years from our core MINDER product, we have a range of options to tailor a solution for you to a degree that the shrink-wrap product suppliers can only dream about.

What does MINDER-Pack provide?

Licensed facilities:

  1. Full cash register functionality including a comprehensive layby system.
  2. A full retail management system that provides:

                    -   Stock control (to colour/size level of detail if required)

                    -   Purchase order facilities

                    -   Comprehensive sales analysis reporting

                    -   In-depth merchandising profitability reporting

                    -   Barcoded price ticket production

                    -   Comprehensive stocktaking facilities

                    -   Comprehensive budgeting facilities

                   -   Optional output of reports to email and/or Excel spreadsheets

Implementation services:

  1. Pre-implementation consultancy to explain the system options available to you, and to assist you in determining your best options.
  2. Set-up of MINDER and associated software, and bringing the system into day-to-day operation.
  3. Training in the use of the system.
  4. Nurturing support.

After sales support:

  1. Provides you with unlimited phone support to trained personnel for the twelve month term following the date of purchase.
  2. Provides for your version of the software to be updated at least twice a year, and gives you free access to new features added to the MINDER system.

What happens when I outgrow MINDER-pack?

On payment of the appropriate licence fees and associated charges, you can upgrade to the full MINDER system at any time. An allowance will be made against the licence fees applicable to the new system that is equal to 50% of the one-time life-time licence fees paid for MINDER-Pack. 

Equipment requirements:

Unless a separate agreement is taken out with Syscap for the supply of equipment, etc. it is the client's responsibility to provide the computer, operating system, and utility software, anti-virus and firewall facilities, and associated equipment and environment. The minimum requirements are:

Two IBM compatible micro-computers running Windows XP Pro and incorporating:

  • Pentium 4 or Celeron 2.6MHz (or better) CPUs.
  • 30Gb of hard disc space
  • 1 x CD/DVD RW
  • 1 x Receipt printer & cash drawer
  • 1 x Barcode label printer & barcode scanner
  • 1 x PCAnywhere (V11)

Optiional extras:

  • MINDER-Pack Reorder
  • MINDER-Pack Loyalty
  • MINDER-Pack Eftpos
  • MINDER-Pack General Ledger
  • Additional POS units