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Multi POS Control Files 

While most retailers operate with POS units that are identical in all stores, some clients have different types of stores, and these different store types require different POS control files. As an example, we have apparel clients who operate both boutiques stores, and what we term  ‘Concept stores’; i.e. stores that operate within the confines of major retailers such as David Jones and Myer. This system option addresses that need by allowing for a different POS control file that does not offer unwanted functions, e.g. Layby.

How it works…

At head-office you are provided with the facilities required to:

  1. Create and maintain up to three different POS control files.
  2. Associate each store with a particular POS control file.

When a POS control file extract is executed, it extracts one, two or three files as appropriate, and, as part of overnight processing, transmits the relevant file to each store.