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Touch-Screen PLU Facilities 

Some retailers have to cope with high volume sales of a limited range of products, and Pre-set keys are the traditional way of coping with this requirement. Now, with the availability of Touch-screen technology, Pre-set keys can be employed within MINDER POS.

This MINDER option provides for the nomination of up to ten product groups down the right hand side of the screen, and the pressing of each of these results in the display of up to 24 individual PLUs across the bottom of the screen. Sale line items of these products are recorded by pressing the PLU button on the screen, and, of course, these line items can be interspersed with other sale line items that may be scanned or entered via the keyboard.

We see two main categories of users making use of these facilities:

  • Retailers whose sales largely come from a relatively high volume of transactions from a comparatively limited product range.
  • Retailers whose merchandise range incorporates a limited number of products that do not lend themselves to bar-coding technology.

How it works…

Image At head-office (or in the back-office) you create the PLU groups required, and then by means of merchandising filters, you nominate the individual products you want to be offered as PLUs, when that group is activated. This Touch-screen PLU data is extracted as part of the normal POS control file extract. The extracted data is sent to the stores as part of overnight polling and it becomes operative in each store from the start of the next trading day.

The requirements of some retailers are such that they require different sets of Touch-screen PLUs at different stores. This requirement is coped with by an associated MINDER option Multi-POS Control Files. This MINDER option provides for up to three categories of stores/POS Function-keys.

There is a further facility that will be of interest to certain users; those who only want to have one set of Touch-screen PLUs, but who do not want all PLU groups to be on offer at all stores. A facility is provided that enables individual stores to suppress the display of specific PLU groups.