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Touch-Screen Facilities 

Touch-screen facilities are available to facilitate the operation of both the MINDER Point-of-Sale and the head-office Retail Management systems.

All that is required is the installation and calibration of an approved (nb) Touch-screen, and you are operational.

Image How it works…
For example, at the Point-of-Sale, instead of determining from the screen that the ‘Total’ key is F10, and then having to locate the F10 key on the keyboard, you simply press the F10 button on the screen. When the Tender options are displayed, you simply press the Cash, or Layby, or Gift-voucher button on the screen, rather than having to find the appropriate key on the keyboard.

Similarly, Layby processing, product look-ups, end-of-day balancing procedures, etc. are all made easier by this more direct method or operation.

No, it is not all or nothing,  you can use Touch-screens in the stores while continuing to use traditional screens at head-office. You don’t even have to install touch-screens at all stores, so, if you are in doubt, you can trial a Touch-screen in one store.

The Touch-screen that we have found to be most cost effective is the LG 15” ‘Resistive’ LCD screen