Solutions for multi-store businesses Print

To help make the process easier for retailers who are purchasing a retail system for the first time,  & who have more than one store to handle, we have put together some pages that will provide you with an easy to understand summary picture of what you might require.

At least one Point of Sale terminal at each store consisting of:


  1. Monitor (Touch Optional)
  2. Computer
  3. Keyboard & Mouse
  4. UPS
  5. Cash Drawer
  6. Receipt Printer
  7. Barcode Scanner


  1. Windows XP or greater
  2. Cash Register Functions
  3. Layby
  4. Personalised Customer Support
  5. Frequent Shopper Club
  6. Accounts
  8. Polling Software


An internet connection at each store, and at head-office is required to facilitate Polling.



  1. Broadband Modem/Router
  2. Firewall facilities
  3. At least one ethernet port (preferably 4, for expansion)
  4. Static IP (Head-office only.)

 (We do support polling over dialup, but it is strongly recommended that a broadband internet connection is used.)


A least one back-office server or workstation at head-office consisting of:


  1. Monitor (Touch Optional)
  2. Computer
  3. Keyboard & Mouse
  4. UPS
  5. Report Printer
  6. Barcode Printer
  7. Backup Device (Tape or DVD)


  1. Merchandise Management
  2. Store Polling
  3. Merchandise Structure & Coding
  4. Merchandise Ordering
  5. Merchandise Re-ordering & Model Stock
  6. Stock Balancing
  7. Supplier Catalogue
  8. Merchandise Budgeting
  9. Stocktaking
  10. 'The Retail Method'
  11. Windows XP or later
  12. Polling Software
  13. PC Anywhere v11 or greater


Optional extra back-office workstations consisting of Computer, Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse.