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About Syscap

About Syscap

At Syscap we consider ourselves to be a 'boutique' software house (rather than a software supermarket), and rather than providing our software in plastic wrapping, our emphasis is on providing it with care, and all the services and support required by our clients.

At the larger end of our client base, MINDER is currently serving a number of chain store operations with 25 to 30 stores, and have served clients with turnover to the order of $120m per annum. At the smaller end we have a number of single store clients who run the system on just one or two computers.

Syscap has been particularly successful in providing solutions to retailers in the apparel and homewares sectors, but has other clients in the areas of Toys, Baby-wear, Hardware, etc.

Syscap is a relationship-based systems provider. This is evidenced by the fact that we have several clients who have been with us for more than twenty years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a leading ‘Retail Solutions’ software house by developing long term, mutually beneficial, business relationships with our clients.

We aim to achieve our goals by providing quality solutions, designed and supported by quality people, and by delivering these quality goods and services at competitive prices.

What we are, what we are not, and why

We are providers of genuine, efficient, and economical solutions…

  • For clients who rely on us to supply and support the full retail system solution, i.e. both the retail system, and the system infrastructure on which it runs. And…
  • For clients who require our retail software, but who provide and support their own system infrastructure.

We live in an age of specialisation and very few businesses can be ‘All things to all people’, and we certainly do not try to be.

It has been our business decision to put a very careful perimeter around the scope of the technicality that we undertake to implement and/or support. While being very aware of our goal to provide the best possible solution, we are also acutely aware that, ultimately, it is our client base who must pay for the ‘technical expertise’ required. As technical people, we would be pleased to get immersed in the challenge of other operating systems and platforms like Unix and Linux, we would like to address the needs of supermarkets and restaurants, but…, it is not prudent for us to do so. 

Our mission is to provide the best business solution, not to be expert in all matters technical. In focusing on the best possible business solution we identified the following as being the key elements:
1.    First grade Retail Inventory Management and Point-of-Sale systems and facilities.

2.    Implementation to run on the technical platform that is in the mainstream of technology, i.e. Microsoft’s Windows platform, and standard PC equipment.

3.    Elegant and seamless integration with specialist third party organisations such as Sophos (for anti-virus protection facilities), Data Tools (for Australia Post DPID barcode addressing), etc.

Throughout everything we do strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.


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